Koh Samui: May through September

  • Explore Ang Thong Marine park
  • Dramatic limestone atolls
  • Dive or snorkel at Ko Tao
  • Pamper yourself in luxury
  • Warm barmy tropical climate
  • Almost all to yourself

Overview of the area

A yacht charter holiday in Koh Samui provides a unique opportunity to go sailing in during the Southeast monsoon period from May to September. This is a time when the conditions in both Phuket and Ko Chang are untenable, providing those in the northern hemisphere the opportunity to go sailing in Asia during their summer holiday and for those on the south an opportunity leave the winter behind and head to the tropics.

Koh Samui is Thailand's self-styled Boutique Island, with it's 'coconut' feel, it offers an abundance of high end spa's, restaurants and every imaginable luxury.

In spit of the fact that Samui is now almost entirely dedicated to the task of pampering the weary traveler the value of the surrounding area as a yacht cruising ground remains little known fact to the yacht chartering community.

The Ko Samui Cruising area includes the Islands of Koh Phangan, well know for its edgy full moon parties and the Island of Ko Tao, a world-renowned diving destination. We also take you to the virtually unheard of island group of the Ang Thong Marine Park which rivals the beauty of Phanga Bay one of the must see highlights of the Phuket cruising area.

Given the popularity of Koh Samui you would be mistaken to expect hundreds of yacht cruising the area, in fact at the time of this writing there is less than 30 yachts sailing in the area and only a handful of those are a available for charter.

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Ko Tao
Sent Sent to us by Marc, "Ang Thong was great, one of the best cruises I've ever done".
Koh Tao
"I really loved the little bays at Koh Tao with restaurants tucked up in the rocks, the views were stunning and the food spectacular"
Ang Thong Langur
"The Kids loved the Langur, watching as the came down to feed in the fruit trees late afternoon."
Ko Chang Ao Salakpet
Thale Nai, Ang Thong Marine Park