Pattaya, year round sailing

  • Deserted tropical islands
  • World class marina facility
  • Vibrant yacht racing community
  • Good sailing winds
  • Just 2 hours from Bangkok
  • Almost all to yourself

Overview of the area

You may be surprised to think that just 10 miles off the coast of this bustling city, known better for its wild nightlife scene than for yachting, that there lie uninhabited islands lined with long sandy beaches and crystal clear water.

Just 20 miles north of Ocean Marina Yacht Club the island of Ko Sichang offers a step back in time, steeped with a seafaring history dating back may hundreds of years and supporting a Chinese style town and cave temple you would expect to see featured in a James bond movie.

Gulf Charters Thailand has its head office at Ocean Marina, located in Jomthien beach some 20kms south of the main town of Pattaya, this is the center of yachting in the Gulf of Thailand offering yacht maintenance facilities, chandleries and is fast becoming the center of boat building in Thailand.

From our Pattaya base we operate our International Yacht Training School and our Yacht Brokerage and Catalina Yachts agency.

The Cruising grounds off Pattaya offer a great opportunity for weekend escapes from Bangkok. The surrounding islands are managed by the Thai military and offer only limited access and no form of tourist infrastructure. Fortunately you can in a yacht anchor off the islands in protected bays and enjoy absolute solitude, deserted beaches and good swimming and snorkeling in crystal clear water.

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Sailing School
Sent by Stephan Stall's wife, just out the gate and feeling like a Captain again.
Weekend racing
Weekend racing at Ocean Marina Yacht Club in Pattaya.
Weekend racing at ocean marina
Phill and Steve and our IYT alumni team working to the windward mark on Big Blue
Ko Pai beach
Heading to the beach of Ko Pai, just 12nm from Ocean Marina